What Are Speaking Circles®?

Here you will find your natural ease, confidence, and authentic presence in public speaking, as well as in personal and professional conversations.

Speaking Circles are small, facilitated groups that offer a unique and gentle approach to public speaking training and communication that’s easy on the nervous system and allows you to access your most natural voice. These programs transform the way you communicate both in person and online by creating a safe space to practice speaking from stillness. The ability to bring stillness to your interactions with others—whether with groups large and small, or one-on-one—is known as Relational Presence.

The stillness at the core of Relational Presence allows you to:

  • Settle into a deeper sense of self that anchors you, helps fear dissipate, and releases the yoke of performance
  • Experience and develop a genuine, palpable connection with others
  • Access your magnetic presence, innate wisdom, and natural eloquence

Those who come to Speaking Circles for public speaking training often also experience profound personal transformations that positively affect other areas of their lives. 

The change you desire as a public speaker and one-on-one communicator can be yours. Here, the Speaking Circles world awaits you. Explore, find a Facilitator, and join a Circle!

*We gratefully acknowledge Dr. Doreen Downing for permission to quote her.

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

The Speaking Circles organization welcomes people from all different backgrounds, ages, cultures, skin colors, ethnicities, genders, gender identities, and physical abilities to join our Circles and become Facilitators. Because we are all part of a global society, our organization feels it’s important to bring diverse people together to be able to speak to, hear about, and learn from each other through the practices we teach. The world needs to hear your voices!

In Speaking Circles, we develop the capacity to ‘come from stillness’ in moments of truth, which is key to success in business, relationship, and leadership.

— Lee Glickstein, Founder, Speaking Circles

Speak with Confidence, Authenticity & Connection

Speak with Confidence

Do you have a passion, cause, or expertise you want  to share with groups? Do you want to be relaxed, authentic, and in your power when you speak, whether in person or virtually? Then you’re in the right place. Speaking Circles offer an innovative method for gaining more ease in front of people—whether it’s one-on-one, in small groups, or in large public settings—so that you can speak with poise, self-assurance, and impact.

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Transform the Fear of Public Speaking

Transform the Fear of Public Speaking

Is the fear of public speaking getting in your way of expressing yourself? Is it stopping you from getting a promotion, speaking up at a meeting, or even doing a toast? You really can change how you feel about public speaking. Speaking Circles will show you how. The atmosphere of acceptance and positive regard at Circles helps you release fear and find your natural way of speaking as your authentic self.

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Connect with the Power of Relational Presence

Connect with the Power of Relational Presence

Relational Presence is a powerful foundation for authentic communication and public speaking. At the core of this skill is an inner stillness that helps you deepen your presence, be comfortable with silence, connect more powerfully with an audience of one or more, and shift from feeling stressed to feeling at ease. Relational Presence equips you for any kind of personal or professional interaction or public presentation, both in person and online.

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