Become a Facilitator

Become a Facilitator

Speaking Circles® Global Network

Certified Facilitators are now practicing in many countries around the world. Not all Facilitators offer Speaking Circles to the public; some people integrate the basics of how to facilitate transformation into the work that they already do. We have coaches, consultants, professional speakers, bodyworkers, business leaders, psychologists, teachers, artists, lawyers, storytellers, and more who apply this work to their particular fields of activity.

New Facilitators join a supportive community with many opportunities to share ideas, experiences, and expertise.


Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

The Speaking Circles organization welcomes people from all different backgrounds, ages, cultures, skin colors, ethnicities, genders, gender identities, and physical abilities to join our Circles and become Facilitators. Because we are all part of a global society, our organization feels it’s important to bring diverse people together to be able to speak to, hear about, and learn from each other through the practices we teach. The world needs to hear your voices!

Speaking Circles Facilitator Training

This concentrated program works on the level of personal transformation while teaching you the skills and tools you need to become a masterful Facilitator. Enrollment is limited, allowing for extensive personal attention for each trainee.

This training is offered in two phases:

  • Phase 1: A three- or four-day core training intensive
  • Phase 2: A three-month certification coaching and training program

Those who wish to integrate this transformational approach into other teachings they are offering, or into everyday life and work, may take Phase 1 alone. Those who are called to become a Certified Speaking Circle Facilitator of in-person and, optionally, virtual Circles will continue on to Phase 2.

Prerequisites for Facilitator Training

Significant experience (ongoing attendance) in Speaking Circles or an equivalent practice, an application, and a telephone interview with the Trainers.

Phase 1

You can take Phase 1 without going on to become a Certified Speaking Circles Facilitator.

You will receive three days of Relational Presence training in a small group of 6–8 participants. This is an experiential training where you will be actively learning how to facilitate a transformational experience for participants. You will be both leading as well as participating in Circles.


Fee is $1500 and includes:

• Three-day core training intensive

• Printed Facilitator Manual

Please note that the training fee does not include meals or lodging.


Day 1 of the training involves both the clarification of objectives and purpose for each participant and in-depth Speaking Circles experience designed to anchor and advance the essentials of Relational Presence. As a Facilitator, it is important to be able to model luminous listening, authentic speaking, letting words flow from the heart, and allowing content to emerge naturally. The focus in the basic work is on presence, not performance.

Days 2 and 3 participants practice facilitating a Circle: introducing the work, giving instructions to the group, modeling and generating brief essence appreciations, coaching interventions when needed, and describing how to create and maintain safety for everyone in a group. Participants are coached as they lead their own practice Circles.

Preparation: In addition to the course prerequisites, you will be asked to read Be Heard Now! by Lee Glickstein, and Doreen Downing’s Essential Speaking: The 7-Step Guide to Finding Your Real Voice. Descriptions of these books are available here.

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Phase 2 (Optional)

For those moving on to Speaking Circles Facilitator Certification, this is the Certification Process. During the three months, you will practice leading no-fee Speaking Circles and attend monthly group coaching calls where you will receive further guidance and be able to get answers for your questions.

You will also receive camera usage training. We will arrange the camera training sessions with logistics customized for each trainee, working with you in ways convenient to your schedule and geographic location, via any combination of videoconferencing, phone, or in person.

To demonstrate your proficiency and to qualify for certification as a Facilitator of in-person Circles, you will submit a video of you leading an in-person Speaking Circle. To demonstrate proficiency and qualify as a Facilitator of virtual Circles, you will welcome your trainer as a participant-observer in a virtual Circle you are leading.

Upon completion of this phase, you are qualified and licensed to offer Speaking Circles to the public for a fee, with your personal profile included on our worldwide Facilitator website. You’ll also enjoy ongoing support from Speaking Circles International and the Facilitator community.


Fee is $1,000 and includes:

• Three monthly hour-long group coaching calls

• Review of up to two video submissions with private coaching follow-up

• Camera training if needed

• Personal coaching from your Trainers

• Access to the online Facilitator Resource Center with additional educational and marketing materials

• Your first-year license fee

• Review of up to two virtual Circles, with private coaching follow-up

 Please note that the training fee does not include meals or lodging.


After the three-day intensive, you will arrange and lead no-fee in-person Speaking Circles as a Facilitator-Trainee. Monthly conference calls provide a support forum for the training group, and trainees are expected to deepen their understanding of the work by continuing to participate in Circles, either via a professionally facilitated Circle or by creating a peer Circle. When you feel ready, you can submit up to two videos of your work facilitating Circles, to be reviewed and discussed during private coaching sessions with one of the Trainers.

It is expected that the first video will be submitted within the time frame of the three-month training, and in special circumstances this guideline can be extended up to six months without a new program of private coaching or retraining being needed.

Once you have passed the video review and receive your Certification, you will be able to sign a License Agreement with Speaking Circles International which authorizes you as a Speaking Circles Facilitator for one year. The annual license fee includes a continuing education program to keep Facilitators informed on the latest developments of the work.

 **We recommend that you complete the certification within six months.**


Prerequisite for Facilitator Trainings with Lee Glickstein and Doreen Downing in California: significant experience in Speaking Circles or equivalent practice, and a telephone interview with Lee and Doreen.

To apply for the next training in California, with Lee Glickstein and Doreen Downing:


California, U.S.A.: April 26-28, 2024, Berkeley, California

For information about the next Netherlands training, see Netherlands Facilitator Training

Coming soon: Facilitator Training with Pam Noda in Japan. Contact her for information.